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The Divine Johnny X. Starlight

"Ms. Starlight captivates with her alluring yet stern voice. Her hypnotic beautiful eyes demand respect and her curvaceous figure is unattainably yearned for as she winds her way into the darkest places of your mind where you become shackled to your destiny as an inferior male. The pain she inflicts demonstrates her power and ensures you submit. When she has finished with you, you will understand she is your superior. You will experience titillating control and be magnetically drawn back to her discipline."


~slave P

Voluptuous, sassy, playfully sadistic and sweet, I am the sensual and sinfully rubenesque Goddess you've been spending all of your time fantasizing about. But I am no mere object of your desires. You exist to serve Me.

I'm not here just for your pleasure, I'm here for mine. Disciplining you entertains Me. Watching you suffer, hearing you moan, hearing you scream with each smack, whack, and tap makes Me giggle like a school girl on a Sunday morning. I have the strength to show compassion to those beneath Me and nurture improvement through their suffering and strife. Through My hand you will become better, through My tenderness you will transcend.

As a true sadist with over 6 years of professional, (and more than a decade of personal), experience as a Dominant woman, it's no surprise that My favorite activities include:

  • CBT/Ballbusting/Chastity Play

  • Nipple Torture

  • Flogging

  • Spanking/Paddling

  • Tickle Torture

  • Faceslapping

  • Tease & Denial

  • Hair Pulling

  • Trampling

  • Needle Play

  • Various forms of humiliation

But I do have other interests as well. I also very much enjoy:

  • Squirting

  • Bondage

  • Wrestling

  • Smothering

  • Pet/Puppy play

  • Foot Worship

  • Food play/Sploshing

  • Liquid Latex/Body painting

  • Playing with other Mistresses/couples

  • Sci-fi/Superhero themed role plays

  • Financial Domination

-just to name a few things. And don't worry, I'm perfectly comfortable and capable of reading off of a script if that's what fulfilling your fantasy requires.

Please fill out the form on the "Sessions" page to inquire further about our time together.

Not quite ready for a session? You are welcome to schedule a 1 hour consultation or a completely platonic date with Me via the same form.

I do not discriminate based on race, gender, gender presentation, creeds, and sexual orientations. All are welcome as long as they are respectful of My time, boundaries, and session space.

Absolutely NO sex offered or implied.



"The touch of your

whip on my welcoming skin

is like summer's heat"


~slave N.

"Dear Mistress Starlight--

I hope you are getting this letter. I enjoyed spending time with you a couple of weeks ago... nay, more than just enjoyed actually. It was an extraordinary session. With embarrassment I admit you're imagery of tearing apart someone's hands with your teeth surely was a treasured moment!

Whatever happens, let this letter serve as a 'thank you' for those incredibly savage bites, the oh-so-sexy biting talk... and for your just being sensational in general.

Take care.


"Ms. Starlight........It was wonderful to meet you this evening. You were quite spectacular. Your dialogue was a turn on the whole time. One of the worst thigh spankings I've had, and I'm not complaining. I had misbehaved to you, and deserved it severe, as your motherly instincts were correct.........til my next mommy spanking......J."

"Mistress Starlight,


I just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for our session last weekend. We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. My husband J was particularly thankful for how deftly you were able to make me comfortable and at ease in an admittedly awkward and strange situation. And I'm thankful for all the fun things I witnessed and learned!  We had a great time and are eager to work it into our schedule again. And we would highly recommend you to other couples!


Ms. N."

"Mistress Starlight, -- I wanted to thank you again for todays' session. It was incredibly therapeutic and I think what I really need is to find a dominant who can emotionally/physically own me, and really balance our my weaknesses. I felt really, really safe today, I fell instantly into subspace the moment you walked into the room, and I'm still somewhere there,  seven hours later.  Thank you again! (hugs)


Love M."

"Hello Mistress Starlight,

My trip to the Bay Area went well. The Giants game was great later that evening after I had my great session with you. Trust me; if I come back to Oakland and/or San Francisco, I'm coming back to see you. Hopefully you don't lose too much weight.  You looked great the way you looked and you pushed me past my limits twice which was awesome.

Take care,


"Review: the coconut oil clip was ungodly hot. Thank you for putting it in your store!"

~sub J.

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