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Request a Session

I am currently available for sessions in Las Vegas, NV. If you live in another part of the US, you can also fly me to you, provided that my travel and accommodations are covered.

For inquiries, please fill out the form below. I enjoy correspondence with, and will respond promptly to, those whose queries are respectful, thoughtful, and articulate.

A minimum of TWO verifiable references and a deposit are required for all bookings.

Please include all dates and times you are interested in scheduling.

**You MUST provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 prior to our session, or have a negative 24hour COVID-19 test result at the time of our appointment.**

Thank you for your inquiry. Well thought out and well written requests will be responded to promptly. Other responses will be promptly ignored.

I strive to put a great deal of time and care into planning our sessions, and I expect the same of you. I want to know your desires, but I don't have time to read an essay, nor play the "tell me what you do" game. We will both enjoy ourselves, (and I'll take you seriously), much more if you openly and honestly express yourself.


Arrive on time. If you will need to shower and take time to clean yourself during our time together, please include that in your desired session length.

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